Adidas Superstar


As part of the Brazilian outspread of Adidas Superstar new global campaign, we were invited to create an experimental video. The idea was to question and deconstruct the old concept of what it is to be a superstar. In the age of Internet, a new kind of superstar arises from a more diffuse and plural context. The new superstar is whoever willing to create something new, to inspire others, to contribute greatly in one or many fields, often giving up fame for freedom. The video also discusses how technology and creativity have freed us, but how social media has distorted the very idea of fame, giving it an even more superficial layer. Meanwhile, brands have become central to culture. Adidas - represented visually by the trefoil and the sneakers - acts as creativity itself.


Art Direction: David Galasse
Sound Design & Music: Caco Teixeira
Motion & Additional Graphics: Antonio Vicentini


It's Nice That, Stash Media, GQ Australia, Hypebeast